FAQ’s & Advice

We have put together some questions together that we’ve been asked and some advice whilst busting some of those myths that are out there.

Titan MythBuster

  • The device manufacturer is always the best point of contact for data recovery?Whilst there are manufacturers that will recover your data for you in most cases they don not have the time to provide this service and if they can waiting times could be quite lengthy..
  • Always check for genuine testimonials before sending your device to a data recovery company.We found this and thought it may be of interest: https://youtu.be/31rsjemi2Sg.
  • Is a clean environment (Class 100) is required when opening a hard drive?   – A clean environment (Class 100) for professional hard drive data recovery is recommended as the tinniest of particles that cannot be seen by the naked eye can damage heads and even platters resulting in data loss.
  • Should trust my “IT Guy” or friends to recover my data for me?We would always recommend to give your device to a specialist in their field as they will always be able to help without causing any irreversible damage.
  • My device is encrypted so it can’t be bypassed or recovered? With the right toolsets in most cases encryption can be either bypassed or disabled.
  • I’ve formatted my device and now my data is lost? – Not true in all cases, if a full format was initiated and completed then the data would not be recoverable.
  • Can an Macintosh OS based file structure be recovered? – Yes it can providing the catalogue file is intact and it has not been corrupted or damaged.
  • Can a Windows based file structure be recovered? – Yes it can providing the MFT (Master File Table) is intact and it has not been corrupted or damaged.
  • If my hard drive is making a strange noise I can recover my data myself? Its not a good idea to even try this as you will most probably cause more damage to the device whilst trying to recover your data which could result in permanent data loss.
  • My device will not detect in any reader, is my data forever lost? Not true as devices are read in their normal formatted every day readers and if they fail the data can be recovered using the correct low level hardware toolsets.
  • Can I recover my data be popping my hard drive into the freezer for a while? A very bad idea as once the drive is partially frozen crystallization of ice is formed on the surface of the platters, so as soon as you power the drive on platter, head damage and permanent data loss will occur instantly.
  • If I tap or shake my hard drive it will fix that ticking or buzzing noise?  – Yes it may fix that buzzing noise but not without causing irreparable damage to your data, and do you really want to risk it?
  • You cannot recover data from a three disk RAID 5 with two hard drive failures Yes you can as the damaged drives can be repaired and the data extracted/imaged then the RAID configuration can then be rebuilt.
  • I’ve deleted my RAID configuration and now the data is lost?  – Not true as providing a new RAID array has not been built and completed on top of the deleted one it can still be recovered to an extent.
  • Data cannot be recovered from a software RAID  Firstly software RAID is not recommended as it increases system overheads, but the short answer is – yes it can be recovered.
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